Cruise through winter: the best vitamins and supplements to get through cold & flu season.

Winter drags many of us down—it sucks up our energy, causes joint inflammation and pain, leaves us with the sniffles, seasonal flu, and the winter blahs.

However, many of these common winter ailments are caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies. That’s why topping up your stores with the following essential vitamins can put a spring back in your winter step…


Vitamin C

You always pop vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on. However, during winter when vegetables and fruits high in the immune boosting vitamin are scarce, you may need to take regular vitamin C supplements to support body tissue growth, healthy blood vessels, strong bones and teeth, and to ward off winter influenza.

Vitamin A

If you’re already iron deficient, chances are your vitamin A stores are depleted as well. Unless you’re pregnant, vitamin A will put the sparkle back in your eyes, the glow back in dull winter skin, and keep your bones strong in case of a slip or fall in nasty winter conditions.

Vitamin D

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, it seems that we hardly see any sunshine during winter. This can be bad news for the D deficient since this essential vitamin is only absorbed when the body is exposed to sunlight. That’s why getting out in the sun (when weather permits) is vital during colder, darker months. Without vitamin D, the body can’t absorb calcium or stimulate certain immune responses that protect us from colds and infections.

Vitamin E

If you suffer from seasonal dry skin, nails, and hair then you might be seriously lacking in vitamin E. This moisturizing antioxidant infuses the skin with moisture and soothes, red, itchy, flaky skin and brittle hair and nails against free radical damage, windburn, psoriasis, and dandruff.

B Vitamins

This energetic little group of vitamins, known as B Complex, are responsible for converting carbohydrates into energy, to help metabolise fats and proteins for fuel. That’s why supplementing with B’s (particularly vitamin B12) can lessen feelings of depression, holiday anxiety, and SAD.

Digestive Enzymes 

There is no point taking any other supplements unless your body can absorb them. First you have to sort out your digestive tract. You can do this by taking a digestive enzyme. A lot of people have poor stomach acid production through taking antibiotics or prescription medication. Even chewing gum can diminish stomach acid so you can’t draw all the nutrients out of food. Without the right amount of acid you might bloat, belch, suffer from lack of appetite, nausea, brittle finger nails, bad breath.

As much as we know the importance to our health of eating well and taking regular exercise, the sometimes-frenetic pace of modern life undermines that.

We all have times in our lives when our best intentions remain exactly that – an intention.

So, if you feel that you’re diet is deficient in certain areas and that your overall health and vitality would benefit from vitamin supplementation we’re sure that Applied Nutrition’s Critical Pack is something to suit your Winter health needs.

Critical Pack is by far the highest dosed complete Multivitamin Training Pack of its time. Exceeding all of its current competitors that haven’t updated their formulas for many years. Critical Pack in its recommended dose is really designed and aimed at Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Professional Athletes and anyone depleting there body to high intensity training on a daily basis.


If your looking for the average 1 tablet a day Multivitamin with Zero expectations then this product is not for you BUT... if your looking for key benefits like Rapid Immune System Support, Vital Body and Mind Recovery, Comprehensive Muscle Growth & Repair and a general catalyst that Maximizes Peak Performance then look no further than Critical Pack. 

Critical Pack offers you the building blocks to all nutritional and training goals as this product is stacked with so many of the Vital Nutrients and Vitamins your body actually requires on a daily basis to achieve your goals and cope with the intense training the body is put through during exercise. Without these vital ingredients you are mounting massive strain on the body which could then have adverse effects to your goals by breaking down muscle, not recovering properly which exposes the body to a higher risk of virus. (Very common with high intensity training).


  • The Ultimate Maximum Dosed Multi Vitamin & Mineral Pack
  • Rapid Immune System Support
  • Maximises Performance
  • Supports High Intensity Training
  • Supports Muscle Growth & Repair
  • Covers all Vital Aspects of Vitamin & Mineral Requirements
  • Supports General Body & Mind Health

Apart from not always getting the best diet, from time to time we experience a range of life events and health issues that can leave us in need of vitamin and mineral supplementation to give us a much needed boost. Purchase your Critical Pack today here. 

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